Tuesday, January 2, 2018

During Christmas

Ah Christmas….

I love Christmas. As a musician, it’s a great time to join in the general fun of carols and music. And music is a huge part of celebrating the Holidays.
I tend to unplug from just about every “normal” activity during Christmas. Today being the 9th Day of Christmas, I figured I could pick up blogging again.

 Here’s what I completed tatting
Not finished yet. Which reminds me….


That word tends to strike terror into some stitcher’s hearts. Well, I’ve discovered that a lot of the finishing involved in tatted pieces really happens as you tat. You can hide ends with loops, you can tat snugly so blocking is minimal, and you can work loops for hanging and such into the pattern. Easy-peasy!!

Incidently, I tried to strategically place black beads as I was loading the clear beads for these guys. Makes ‘em look beady-eyed. Pun intended!


  1. These are cute, but the fluffiness seems a bit subdued?

  2. I've learned a lot with this pattern. I feel like it's still in the development stage. These are too large for earrings, not mounted on white, and need the mouth, nose, and buttons. Next trial will be in size 80. Maybe with white rather than clear beads.