Thursday, December 21, 2017

Loops that help

I like to test out my patterns several times. Having another tatter work through them also helps. Imagining how a pattern looks or tats up in other size thread, with or without beads, using needle just doesn’t always cut it. Getting things into thread usually does. I discovered on the third or fourth pass that I was losing track of where to join. Big time! A friend who knits gave me this idea:

Marking points in the pattern for joins; much like marking darts when sewing or where to cut. It’s much easier to cut out these little loops of thread as you join than to find a vsp amongst the beads.

I hope to have a pair of earrings to wear soon. But alas, preparing for the next few days just may have to happen first. Speaking of testing…. I should test that recipe for mulled cider. (mmmmm!)


  1. Thanks for the tip! I use this in knitting to mark rows, stitches, etc. Good to see it work equally well in tatting :-)

  2. Interesting, it doesn't look like an easy pattern! thanks for the tip. Happy holidays!

    1. The pattern, like many of Nina Libin's, is quite simple. What makes the joins difficult are the clear beads and white thread. I plan to try it out with other colors. Maybe white beads and blue thread. Will that look like clouds in the sky?