Thursday, November 7, 2019


HIT – Historically Informed Tatting (today’s a bit of a rant)

I am doubly motivated to pursue designing in tatting that is historically informed.

1. I am the Queen of Repurpose. If I can find another use for something, I will. This leads to boxes and boxes of bits of thread, pieces of paper, pretty bags and boxes, etc. Mighty convenient I live in a Historic home.

2. I look to the past in my music. Those who do not consider how music has been written/performed/composed in the past are doomed to repeat mistakes. Unlike several of my older colleagues, I do not pursue historic performance for the sake of historic performance. I am content to play using current instruments with current knowledge. I just like to fill the air with beautiful sound.

So, when I design in tatting, I spend a good deal of time trying to find out what others have done with the kernel of idea that I came up with. How have tatters created lace based on 8 repeating rings or motifs? I am constantly asking tatters who have extensive libraries if a design idea I’m working on has appeared before. And, I’m always trying to recreate lace I see in pictures or museums or antique shops.

(Here’s the primary rant)

HIT is important. We must honor those who have tatted before us with the respect as graciously as possible. Innovation is important. But, how many of us twitch and have wide open eyes in surprise when an instrument other than a clarinet opens our favorite Gershwin tune?

All this is my way of following in Jane’s footsteps, Georgia’s footsteps, and others; justifying why I don’t have a ton of designs posted, or pictures every single day; spending hours in museums and looking through books; innovating in (I hope) a historically respectful, creative way.

‘nuff said. I’ll go to the corner and pick up my shuttles.

After a cuppa. Join me? There’s enough hot water here for a ton of people.


  1. Very sweet and sensitive 'rant' 💕 I love your exemplification, that is trying to play Gershwin with other instruments. I am more a visual person, but your message is of immediate meaning.

    1. My all time favorite version is slide guitar (like is used in Hawaiian and Country music) playing the trill and glissando from the beginning of Rhapsodie in Blue. Just doesn't quite work for me......