Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Play Time coming up!

September is a wonderful time of year here by the Monterey Bay. The weather is usually bright and sunny. The tourist crowds have thinned. The school kids are out discovering new things. Occasionally, we get visited by jelly fish in the Bay. Remember this group? We saw another jelly on a walk last week. My picture didn’t come out great, but another person in our group took a video with a phone. 

Right now, I’m in the last throws of packing for Tat Days in Georgia. I’ve been tatting up in-progress samples of the patterns I’ll be teaching. They’re not usually pretty. I use contrasting threads so students can easily see the path of the thread. That is not usually pleasing. Some of those samples may end up in a larger project. Others will likely end up in a bag tucked in my “teaching box” for the next workshop.

I’ll have more details when I return from Georgia, but the next workshop will be in April at the Lace Museum. Here’s a link to theregistration information. If you have ever wanted to explore San Francisco, or Oakland, this will be a great time. So, for those who drool over the classes offered at San Francisco School of Needlework and Design, those that wish to shop at Lacis, those that wish to visit any of the dozen museums or so (including the Lace Museum), this is your chance to put together a fabulous trip! And if you plan a day or so in Monterey Bay, do let me know!

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