Thursday, August 29, 2019

It’s almost the end of August and it’s time to reflect.

I had in mind to be looking towards the concert (which I need to print the programs for) and the Fair (which I won’t have time to really attend this year) and Tat Days (which starts in a week), but I find I must take a moment to breath. I’ve allowed myself to be committed to several big projects at once. That’s usually what happens when you’re a musician. I know how to prepare for everything. I can set my schedule to accomplish all I need to do and even some things I want to do. All that said, it means my schedule never becomes mundane, just a bit crazy. I like crazy.

Tomorrow I’ll pause long enough to share some of my favorite organ pieces at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salinas. Just a half hour or so of music. They’ll be the regulars. And a few eating their lunch. Maybe the PGE construction guys will listen for a few minutes. It’s great fun!

I miss helping out at the Fair. I’ve heard the atmosphere is quite different this year. I hope the gang is taking lots of pictures. I hope the judges liked the entries. I hope people discover new interests and celebrate hard work.

OK. Breathing done, time to dive in!!


  1. It’s good to be busy in multiple fields! As long as you remember to breathe of course.