Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Getting ready for ????

Well, still no sign of the pieces that went missing. I’ve entered them in the Fair confident that I would find them. But, no such luck! Ah well. The exposure at the Fair is limited. I would probably gain more if I had a booth in a Street Fair or participated in an Open Studio Tour. The former is sooo muchhh workkkk and the latter is too personal. I’m not the only one using the studio location, and I use it for organ also. I’d be hard pressed to seem relaxed and congenial. I think that’s very important in the artist community.
I’ve begun pulling together my samples for TAT Days next month. Nothing too crazy, just snippets of the patterns so people can see what I talk about. Pictures will be shared when I return. Now, it’s off to look at all the fantastic cars that are on display this week. I’ll be the one with the tatting shuttles in hand.

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