Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Repair needed

schematic similar to the organ wiring

Remember this beauty? My organ is showing its age. Half of the stops are not working. It’s electrical, or electronic. We need a schematic so we can figure out what to test. Unfortunately for us, but understandably, the organ companies do not publish repair materials. So, my very handy, and knowledgeable, husband is not able to research the problem. 

So, we will be literally stabbing in the dark. We won’t know what part(s) need repair/replace. You suggest calling the company? Well, they’re in the business of building and selling organs. I doubt they will be eager to help repair an organ built some 25-30 years ago. 

I have 2 more commitments to play this weekend. I’m loathe to start the process of repair until I’m past those services. Then, I’ll have a couple of weeks.

Of course next week is Car Week. We’re already seeing the cars roll in. Some are in huge transport trucks. Others being towed. Still others are rolling in with grins on drivers’ faces and thumbs up from the passers-by. Petrol-heads unite!

Me? I’ll be pulling together my materials for Tat Days. All the arrangements are in place; at least those that I’ve thought of. I’m getting kinda excited.

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