Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sometimes simple can be difficult

BWV 225

When we learn something new, we start out with the simple parts, the baby steps, or the familiar.
Then we build on what we know and learn the new, right?

Well, simplicity can be difficult to execute!

Singing unison is tough. If you’re used to locking in the harmony, matching pitch exactly can be really tough. It demands that each singer have either a high degree of pitch accuracy, or that you all agree on who to match.

When I designed BWV 225, I wanted something simple. The Cantata is shorter, clear statement of the Chorale, and the architecture of the hall is not ornate. I set out to feature chains without picots. Little did I know that my design would prove to be tricky!

Those meeting in Georgia in September for Palmetto Tat Days have a chance for all to be revealed. It’s not tricky, really……


  1. I Love what I see here !!! This is a layered effect with a bit of difference, and clever use of techniques/effects.

    1. Thank you! I hope those taking the class in September aren't overwhelmed. We'll have just an hour and a half to work through the pattern together. Any tips what I should talk about first?

    2. You give me too much credit, Mel ;-D
      Simple to complex, and lots of visuals - that's the way to go! I'd have several motifs prepared, each showing one stage, so that they know at a glance how the pattern proceeds.
      I'm Certain your students will be thrilled to learn from you - I know I would :-)))
      Best wishes

    3. Thank you. I am planning on having seperate pieces tatted up and then an inprogress sample to demonstrate the joining sequence I use.

    4. Yes, you put it better than I could - I am often vocabulary-challenged 😉😆😄
      Love your method of linking the 3 pieces. 💙💙💙

  2. Lovely, it seems like the white center is put on the rest, not anchored. Great layered effect.

    1. Thank you! The white rings are the last section tatted. I use long picots that pass behind the other two rounds to join up the rings. I feel it works best mounted on fabric so things don't start sliding around.