Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dawn’s a-comin’!

That’s what my Grandpa used to say whenever he was getting ready to go somewhere or do something. He was a farmer and blacksmith. Another favorite quip was, “fire’s ready!”

July will start in a few days. I’m feeling like the fire is stoked and I’m just about ready for it. I’m thinking Carmel Bach Festival. I know there are a plethora of music festivals every year; many focus on Bach or another composer. There’s a world famous Jazz Festival every year in Monterey. And that’s just one of a half dozen that happen in this area. I hope I’ll be able to explore Cabrillo Festival some year. And the Folk Festival sounds really cool! But, in a few short days, Bach Festival will be happening.

And I’m ready!

The only part I’m directly contributing to is the Art Auction. Here’s an invitation to the Opening. If you’re in the area, consider yourself invited. Please RSVP so the hard working committee won’t be surprised and fret they didn’t prepare enough for the evening. It’s always hard to predict how many will come and they do a wonderful job for the hospitality. 

Oh, and buy a ticket and stuff my box!

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