Thursday, June 6, 2019

The gig economy

I often find “news” about music amusing. As “discovering” music, at least to that reporter, that has been around for centuries could be enlightening. Lest you think me snobbish, I’m not laughing at them but chortling in glee! Which could be construed as insanity I guess…..

Lately there has been much in the news about the “gigeconomy” that has been around for centuries. Bach worked in much the same way as did many, many artists and musicians. Even academics! I’ve worked in the gig economy my whole life. Every wedding I’ve played (I hope there will only be one for each bride or groom!), every funeral I’ve assisted with (I know there will only be one of those per person.), every lesson I’ve taught (I hope there will be more than one per person!) has been a limited time of employment. I’ve had a “business name” and filed appropriate tax returns, but I’m always thinking about what I can do to earn money for the next round of bills.

Tatting is no different. If I’m not careful, I make mistakes as I’m finishing a ring or chain because my mind wanders. Usually it is wandering through the fog of “the next project” or “the next piece” or…..well, you get the picture. Did I mention insanity? Guess you’d have to be a bit nuts to spend all that time knotting thread, getting pipes to sing, or just creating.

Know what? I like my version of the gig economy.

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