Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sonata BWV 1034 in pinks and purples

Here’s my version of Sonata BWV 1034 in pinks and purples:

Sonata BWV 1034

I tatted this up for Palmetto Tatting Group Tat Days 2019. I chose the colors to help students see the various elements. I based this piece on the vintage pattern Sonata that I found in a Handy Hands newsletter. Most vintage patterns call for tie and cut between rounds and such. Now, I’m not allergic to cut and tie, but if I can work a small short split ring or split chain, I’ll save the effort and time of hiding ends.

I recommend working each of the inner motifs in groups of 2. That means you’ll be working two split chains and hiding ends twice. You can easily climb out between rounds 1 & 2 and also between 2 & 3. But, between rounds 3 & 4, it is more difficult to create a seamless chain. I find my attempts at climbing out with a mock chain, split chain, split ring and such show with extra knots and awkward tatted lines.

And then there’s the color choice. That can dictate where you’re hiding ends. I had fun working in the variegated named Girly Girl. The pinks and purple just were fun!

I hope you enjoy this. If you wish a copy of the pattern, drop me a comment (leaving your contact info) or email.


  1. Nice to meet you at Tat Days. I have this one started and will finish it as soon as I can get the test tat for Jane done. That should be very soon. I did the 4 centers separately. I did the next part around them, then split chained to round 2. Do you use Marie's method? You probably met Marie Smith there. She made split chain easy. On Jane's website it is called Fast and Easy. - Tim

    1. Split chains have never really given me pause. I do remember Marie's method. Unfortunately, there were a few people at Tat Days that I didn't tumble who they were right away. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I was just a bit overwhelmed!

  2. I thought from the name that it was one of your designs linking music and tatting. Lovely. I like your colour choices that show the elements without being too contrasting.

    1. You think correctly! If you can find a recording on Youtube, it's a fun piece to listen to. Use the BWV 1034 number to search for. The recording I played in class is of a solo guitarist playing an arrangement. I've been tempted to tat the pattern in black and white. Just haven't gotten to it!