Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What I learned this summer

I learned a lot this summer. 
  • My energy is not unlimited, even with a boost from coffee or tea. 
  • I really do know how to tat. 
  • I really do know how to play the organ. 
  • I need to improve both skills. 
  • I also need to improve my writing skill. 
Over the last few months, I’ve been very busy using all those skills creating and supporting those who create.
Inverted Snowflake by Martha Ess

I was thrilled to take a class from Martha Ess at Tat Days. I’ve enjoyed tatting her patterns for years. Here’s what we focused on in class:

I tatted this in vintage thread. I figured I’d need to learn the technique of the joins in the long picot arms. I hope to tat one in better thread next week.


  1. Always good to learn, and learn our limitations as well as strengths!

    1. I deal better with my strengths than with my limitations. I need reminding that mistakes are outshown by successes!

  2. We always knew 😃 (about your skills! Improvement is something that continues through life)
    I think you've done an excellent job - very dainty snowflake.

    1. Thank you for your compliment and support. My Mom gave me a sign. It sits on the organ just behind the music rack (where I can see it before the music goes up): "It takes the whole of Life to learn how to Live." I need a good long life!!!!!