Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tatting: An (lost) art

The Art Show is open. Tickets are $10 each or 7 for $40. My box is on the very bottom, right next to the floor. I’ll be curious to see how many tickets make their way into that wee slot. Apparently, a good friend from out of town called the Carmel Bach Festival Office, asked for 7 tickets to be put into the box. I wonder if you can get tickets over the phone. I shouldn’t think so, but maybe…..

The Opening reception was fun. Lots of people in a small space. The artists are mostly sometime professionals and hobbyists. Quite a few have been participating for many years. That means there wasn’t anyone dressed to make a shocking statement which I appreciated. For this show, it’s not about the ART, it’s about MUSIC and specifically raising money for the Carmel Bach Festival. ‘nuff said…just fun!

My title for this post comes from the frequently heard comment, “Isn’t that a lost art?” We’ve all heard that when tatting in public. I’ve also heard something along the lines of, “My Aunt tried to teach me that.” Even a wistful, “I wish I could tat.” Well, last night I heard, “I’m glad tatting is not a lost art. I think your piece is ART!" That made me feel like I’m on the right track. I am not (no raised voice, just humbleness) highly trained, not crafty, not a bored housewife. I am an artist who represents music in thread. I am aware there are some who have a hard time calling anything that isn’t a painting art. Their loss! I choose to enjoy music, thread, and tatting!

Come by the show in the gallery off the raised patio. It’s open most days. Tickets can be bought just before, during, or after Bach Fest events at Sunset Center. Stuff that box! Win some art! Support the Festival!


  1. Good for you for reminding festival goers that tatting is an art and not lost! Good luck, I hope there are plenty of tickets in the box.

  2. Tonight is opening night. I don't have tickets, I've reached my budget limit. (boohoo) I plan to attend a free lecture given on the works scheduled just before the concert. I may spy on the crowd as they move through the gallery before the lecture and concert. Just to see.......