Thursday, July 25, 2019

Christmas in July....musically!

Snowflake by Lena Bjorn

I’ve been so tempted to sit and tat snowflakes during Bach Fest this year! You see, they have presented all 6 parts of J. S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. That’s about 9 hours of music if you played a CD without stopping. There have been quizzical comments along the lines of what are they thinking? Christmas???

Most sacred musicians just smile. We have to choose music well ahead of time. If we choose something that requires parts to be ordered, or even written, we must give ourselves plenty of lead time. Some musicians even have to raise the money with special offerings before they can realize their planned Christmas celebrations.

Most tatters are constantly thinking Christmas, or at least cold and snowflakes. Tatting a snowflake takes hours. If you want to decorate for Christmas with snowflakes, you better start tatting in July!
Since I’ve not started my snowflakes yet, I guess I’ll be coming up with other ideas for Christmas this year! 

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