Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Can tatting thread hurt ears?

Earlier in July, Ninetta posted about tatting with silk thread. That brought to mind something I read somewhere about thread hurting the ear. I couldn’t remember the details, but Ninetta talking about hearing a sound that resembled a violin stayed with me.

Many of the concerts during Carmel Bach Festival are general admission with no assigned seating. You must find a pew to plunk down in. The Fire Department usually gives a maximum number of people allowed in the building, so that’s where they get the maximum number of tickets. The trick to getting a good seat is to arrive several minutes before the doors open and join the line, if there is a line. I don’t mind sitting and waiting; especially if I have some tatting to work on. I figured taking a tatting book to look for that quote would be wiser than the projects I’m currently working on. No beads to lose down the aisle!

I found the quote!

Taken from the Author’s Note in the reprint of All New Knotless Tatting by Dora Young. (It’s about half way through the edition I have on my desk. What would be page 22 if the pages were numbered in succession.
“During my illness, most threads ‘grated’ on my eardrums and made them very sensitive, but I had no difficulty working with D M C .”
So, Dora Young’s had very acute hearing. No ear bud damage or tinnitus. Thank you Ninetta for helping us understand more about this wonderful tatter from earlier times.


  1. That’s interesting. No radio or television on in the background either.

    1. Your thinking along the same lines as I am. No traffic going by, no distant sirens, or horns. Just silence to focus on the shuttle and thread.

  2. Thanks Mel, lovely that you pointed that out and explained it too, I got the book and read the phrase again, I realise now that I hadn't understand what she wrote, I thought to an ear illness

    1. I'm sure some of the people surrounding her thought she may have an illness in her head. What would they think of my constant ringing in my ears from tinnitus?