Tuesday, October 16, 2018

progress on Wiosna 2017

I’ve completed a few projects that came to light last week. Nothing very big. Nothing to show here. If you were in Pacific Grove last Sunday, you may have heard me play. Thanks, Laurie, for coming up to talk afterwards. I do plan to pursue the Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza. I’d like to expand the program to include adults, physics students, and other geeky musicians.

So, back to what’s on the shuttles. Another Candle Cuff is just a short chain away from being finished. I’ll use that chain to demonstrate hiding ends and blocking to the Study Group next week. This week we’re taking a break and I’m listening to a lecture about symphonic music given to non-musicians. I try to keep up with YouTube offerings, and have quite a bit of notes for myself. Today should be a great opportunity. More later.
I’ve begun Round 10 of my monster doily designed by Renulek:

I think things will pull together color/thread/bead with the next 2 rounds. This round is not as fiddly as the previous, but with a TOR and 3 BJ per repeat, it’ll take a while to complete all 24 repeats.


  1. Thank you! Not quite as coloful as the doily you just completed, but it cheers me.

  2. Love the delicate combination of white and yellow.

  3. Thank you! The white is more ecru, it seemed to soften the yellow just enough to work with the purple. I'm considering a bright green for the last round.