Thursday, October 4, 2018

A walk by the Bay

Yesterday was another one of those days where I got distracted. A storm rolled in. We had a bit of damage to an area on the roof. I think it was mostly because it hadn’t rained in so long. While driving back from a meeting, I drove through a squall. Of course there was a gorgeous double rainbow! There were lots of people pulling into parking areas to snap pictures. I gave thanks they pulled over and didn’t try to snap it while driving. I’m sure they ended up posted. Along with the story of breaching whales capsizing aboat and damaging another. Life by the Bay…….

I spent most of my work time organizing, filing, filling shuttles, pulling out Advent and Christmas music, and watching the computer get used to another monster update. Thank goodness the harpsichord is close to the computer.  Today I look forward to completing those tasks on the computer. Really, I do. Just hope I can keep the back happy!

I’ve set up Round 10 of Wiosna 2017. And the shuttles are loaded for Candle Cuff #5. And my practice list is chosen. Time to get busy…..after a walk!

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