Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ankle still healing with a bruise on the foot to boot

I’m wondering if I need to resurrect the boot I used when I broke my foot several years ago. Thing is, It’s not good for my knees and hips to walk in the boot. I’m still hoping things calm down enough and I can begin walking again. More than just trekking up and down the stairs that is.

I’ve been tidying the studio and study lately. I’ve finished off a couple of projects. Mostly mending and sorting and stowing things in a better way. I have several gifts almost ready, so the Holiday season will be less hectic. I know, I say that every year just about. I really think it’ll happen this year.

Next week I’ll be working on relearning Inkscape so that I can diagram the patterns I’ve done lately. Almost have enough for a collection. I will be releasing some of them as they aren’t strictly patterns from my core portfolio idea. Look for them in January.

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