Thursday, October 11, 2018

What should.......

It’s that time of year again. Ever since my kids started school, the first few weeks of school are a time for me to dream up what I wanted to see happen, what I needed to see happen. Then, figure out what I could do to get there. Some people call it a fancy “Personal Vision Statement” or “Mission Statement” which seems to motivate them, but I’ve never been a “statement” person…..except in making lots of noise at the organ console. I just don’t see the point in sitting and watching soap operas and eating tubs of bon-bons. I’ve got too much to offer. So, as the kids get used to changes, I try to figure out what changes I should make.
In the past, that has led to job changes, new volunteer stints, saying goodbye to other volunteer jobs, taking on or passing on new projects. You get the idea. Sometimes that’s painful and hard and doesn’t make friends and influence people. Other times, it provides a calming influence on the chaos of too much to do, not enough time and money. Sometimes saying yes can be more problematic than saying no. Most of the time saying no gives others a chance to discover more about things.
This year is no exception. 2019 looks to be another year of changes for me. I’m glad. Now I just have to figure out what changes I’m going to make sure happen.
What will stay the same????
I’ll still live in this great area. I’ll still play the organ and tat. I’ll still encourage others to explore the organ and lace. I’ll still continue to cherish my family and care for the house. I’m excited. Don’t ask me if you can read my Statement. I haven’t slowed down enough to write it out!

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