Thursday, March 16, 2017

WIP done!

I’ve managed to finish a couple of larger projects! Very satisfying feeling. The only project I can really share with a picture is this:
Awareness Star of Hope by Kathy J. Hodge

For the pattern, visit the Class site: 

Several months ago at a Carmel Crafts Guild meeting, a fellow fiber enthusiast shared a bit of ribbon with me. Seems it's nylon or something synthetic. It had good tensile strength, wouldn’t tangle as I worked with it, so I asked for enough to work with for a tatting “something.” I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the finished piece. I haven't found much available from my favorite yarn sources. I hope to pick up more.

I’m continuing to play with the thread and beads that arrived last week. 
And I’ve finished the second round of Renulek’s Winosa 2017. I hope I can finish this by Fair 2018.


  1. Interesting texture the star of hope has, very pretty.

    1. I still prefer working in cotton. When I hold this in my hand, it reminds me of a plastic tree decoration from the 70's. Now we know!

  2. I, too, love the texture on the star! It looks like a flower garland :-) I hope this will spur me to complete my star of hope, too. Must find it.
    Hadn't realised there were beads in the doily. I like the colour composition

    1. Thank you! Hope loved what I did with her sample. She decided she will use the rest along with some color to make curtains for her new house.