Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Question in yellow....answer as you wish!

I like blogging. I think it’s because I can put thoughts and photos out there and people with like interests can comment.

Doesn’t work that way so much with the organ music sectors of my life. There’s a few places I visit regular on the internet. I’ve enjoyed some videos. Not just on Youtube, but on the AGO website. I like reading about these busy folks:

I especially like talking and listening to organists in my area. I’ve been here 2 years now. (Egads!) I’ve met quite a few. I hope to meet more. Now that I’ve finished a couple of big projects at the house, I’ll be getting out more in the area to document what organs are here.
I know some of you will have strong feelings about the next question. Those who comment here will likely be published. Those who tell me privately I may just publish in a post or two. Consider yourself warned. I will ask permission of course, but beware.

Start a new page on this blog showing what organs I’ve discovered here?
Start a new blog and merge the organ stuff from this blog onto the organ blog?

I’ll be making a decision this summer. It’ll likely take me that long to amass the raw material for posts. Or find the camera and learn how to use it better!

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