Thursday, March 9, 2017


Ever have one of those moments when you blink and realize you have a lot “half-done” in your life?

Now, that doesn’t usually bother me. I’m used to it taking a long time to finish the projects I start. I love baking bread. Even with a bread maker, it takes 4-5 hours. It usually takes me several days to mend a piece of clothing. I know sewing a button takes just a few minutes, but the procrastination phase is usually several days. It can take several days to learn a short piece of music. Elapse time is usually just an hour or so, but if I wish to be sure I can play it when I need to, I spread that over a few days. Weaving a length of cloth usually takes a few days. Tatting a snowflake can take a few days also.

So, what’s half done?

The foyer is half painted (water damage).

The tree is half dead (fell over in the storm).

The latest designs are half “sorted” (thread and beads are on their way).

I’ve still got time this week to get these things finished up.

Things are almost dry enough to finish painting. The arborist is coming today with a crane to take the tree down to the stump. Thread and beads for the designs should arrive today or tomorrow. Check back next week for pictures of what is completed….if I stay on task (guffaw,snort,chuckle).


  1. I'm glad you titled it 'half done' - positive perspective :-)))

    1. The week is almost done. The tree is gone. The thread and beads have arrived. And the bay looked lovely on my walk. A good week!