Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Found objects and treasures

I slipped away to the beach last week for a walk. Here’s what I found:

 I think some of these I will use the Ice Drop method. Some I may use the Button method. Some may just be pretty inspiration!

Our house continues to tell us stories. We’ll find evidence of past damage and repair, past remodel and additions, and see how the structure fits it to our lives. A hi-phalootin’ way to say, “This appeared on a post.”

This is what happens when the sun shines through the peep hole in the front door and hits a white surface. I couldn’t get the peep hole completely clean, too much pollen kicked up by the wind. If I closed the glass door between the front door and the post, the rainbow disappeared. Mmmmm Science rules!

With inspiration like this, you’d think I could turn out more desi….squirrel!

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