Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finding some quiet

Have you ever been in a house, or a building, big enough that you can’t hear what other people are doing? Our house is that big with plenty of places to run to. It’s also been a noisy mess. Dust, yeah! Smells, yeah! But today I was looking forward to it all. Today, the brick restoration crew came in and cleaned the brick in the studio space. 
as they are drying, I shall tat

If you’ve stood next to a running shop vac, you know why I wanted to run! Upstairs it wasn’t bad though. I worked my way through more computer set up tasks. Then the fans started. I can’t hear them upstairs. They’re not that loud in the tatting room/study/piano room. So, I think that’s where the rest of the day will be spent. I’m impatient waiting for the brick to dry! Guess I’ll just have to tat some.

I’m working on ideas for an edging to frame a cross stitch picture. I’m starting with established patterns. My designing brain is too taxed with coordinating the studio work. Nothing seems to fit just right. I’ll get it though. 

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