Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Sunday visitor

A good friend of mine commented the other day that posting twice a week to my blog was a good amount of writing. It caught me by surprise. I don’t think I write often, or that I put up pictures that often. Part of the reason for that opinion is that I don’t spend time “on line” for hours each day. I prefer to be at the organ keyboard rather than the computer keyboard. That got me thinking…..

I accept that computer literacy and such is crucial for kids and young adults. But, do we give them freedom to explore the world WITHOUT being at the computer? Do we shame kids who don’t prefer to be online? Do we value what kids do away from the computer?
To me, the computer is just a tool. A very powerful tool. Almost as powerful as the organ (hehehe). I value what the human driving the computer creates more than what the tool can accomplish with their effort.
Just sayin’

Rant over.

We had a surprise visitor last weekend. I love when folks drop by to say hello and see the progress on the studio. This visitor was more interested in the roses. Mind, there’s a lot of them on the property. I lost count at 40. Some are in the ground, some planed in large pots. I have been trying to nurture them; in my own black thumb way. So I wasn’t that surprised, with the drought and the place being vacant for those several months, that some of the more exposed roses were looking kinda grim. After I spied the visitor, I didn’t quite so guilty.

We have a good fence, but I doubt that will keep him out. Sigh!

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