Thursday, July 2, 2015


So, for years my blog has listed thoughts about organ music. I’ve not written much about organ music: the odd concert comment, a piece used as the basis for a tatting pattern, the occasional indulgence in playing for the fun of it. Well, I’ve realized that with an organ arriving for the studio, I’ll have to change that.  I have room in the “new” house to keep my music accessible. Maybe even at my fingertips. Now, if this had audio to where I’m sitting with my laptop, you’d here chuckles and chortles and sighs of anticipation. Even though it’s tempting to take music to the piano to polish up for the big debut, I’m forcing myself to keep focused on getting the house ready! Yesterday, I found more resources in a local paint store. I also checked some books out of the library. I found working on the last house, if you have no clue what questions to ask, you can't learn what you need to decide. So, the process has begun in earnest. Between organ pedals and tatting shuttles my life will be very busy. I must get organized (pun intended) NOW!!!

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