Tuesday, July 21, 2015

of hats and Bach

The snowman earring (both for the pair) is wearing a hat. Now for the beads that will make him smile and her eyes twinkle. I'll try to get a picture when they are suitably decorated, but they won't scan well with beads and well, you know my photography skills...or lack thereof. All in due time.
That is, when I can pull myself away from the Bach festival. Now before the Bach Cantata members that lurk here get all huffy……I know it’s not the definitive Bach Festival. It’s a darn good hometown festival that professional AND locals pull together to get more Bach into the air. I know it won’t attract those doing the most cutting edge research into how to perform Bach music, but the performances are darn good! And there’s enough variety of performance styles to appease just about everyone who isn’t so grumpy with “correct” to see beauty. Ok….rant done.
I still haven’t completely processed the concert I attended yesterday. It was THAT good. I’ve notes, but each time I’ve sat down to put into words what I heard, I end up getting out my scores and creating. Sigh. I promise more at a later post.

Today I plan to get those beads on and then take in the art raffle before the performance. Maybe I’ll get there early enough to catch the Tower Music. And then, there’s the stroll on the beach. I love Carmel.

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