Tuesday, July 14, 2015

one down and one to go

Thank you Jane  for the reminder of using coil-less safety pins! I remember you finding a use for them several years ago. And yes, they work well for that task. Thank you!

My challenge last week: find a way to use them with tatting size 80 thread. It didn’t work well. But…..

Metallic sewing thread works well. I picked up this thread years ago in a sale bin. Probably at the Lace Museum during one of their vintage sales. I loaded some of the thread onto a smaller shuttle, dropped the shuttle through as I was making picots to be used in the joining later, and voila picots marked plainly and Round 2 tatted gracefully! Sigh!!!!

I decided to tat the second earring before sewing the beads for the eyes and mouth on ANKARS style. I may even use something for buttons. I’m getting excited to see these guys dancing on the wires (earring wires that is).

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