Friday, November 21, 2014

Starting the process for mounting

Here’s a look at the process of tacking the Saint Saens doily onto fabric in preparation for framing:

starting to mount

I found out the hard way, I need lots of accurate guidelines to make it look nice. It can take several hours to sew in those lines, but well worth the trouble.

Then, I start sewing down the tatting. Yes, each and every picot gets a tack down. I try to make sure gravity will not pull the tatting out of shape over time. So, that means a tack at the top of each element, either side of beads, and wherever it makes sense. Probably the trickiest part is making sure I don’t pull too tight and make the tatting buckle or the fabric pull out of shape. Oh, and the wood circular frame is not true. It’s just a smidge out of round. So, I’m constantly measuring from a rather arbitrary point that I call center.

More later.

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