Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Progress on Round 3 SS Blue version

Still not blocked as I would like. Still not mounted as I would like.
Round 3 finished but not blocked
 I seem to have stalled again. I think my stall is partly due to the other tatting projects I’m mulling over.
 I’m still working on a motif to be glued to the ornament ball. I’m finding it hard to tat knowing that it will be soaked in glue and stuck on something. I’ve never liked starch. So, using glue on thread is difficult for me to do. But! I will succeed in finishing at least a few ornaments for the museum to sell.

I’m also mulling over getting started on an earring pattern. That will involve dragging out the supplies, spreading them over the family table, deciding what to use and then finally tatting. Oh, and putting everything back. I’m tentatively planning on tackling that tomorrow. I promise to share both the ornament pics and the earring pics. Since I figure both projects will be 3D, that will mean getting the camera to work as I would like it to.

First, off to block.

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