Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shawl pattern discovery

I’ve mentioned before that I knit comfort shawls for a ministry at my church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Saratoga, CA. I’ve also mentioned that knitting with needles has been less than successful in the past. I knit using a Knitting Board. Since I use both sides of the board and wrap with the double technique, I’ve converted patterns from single knit notation. If your eyes are glazed over, don’t feel bad. Sometimes I give up and just decide to not get fancy.

Dotty with loom
The shawl on my loom currently is my interpretation of a favorite in the group.

It’s called Dotty. I have no clue where the pattern came from originally, it’s one the ladies have memorized and have used for years. It’s essentially 4 rows: first row knit, second row purl, third row yarn over-knit 2 together, and final row knit. Here’s what that looks like when worked using needles and single knit technique:
Dotty knitted with needles

and here they are side by side:
Dotty comparison
Quite a difference! I’ll be anxious to see how it all works up. More later.

Incidentally, the group functions rather autonomously. If we have a completed shawl and we hear of a request or need, we act. We don’t wait around for a clergy member. I know that seems wrong to some, but we’re a big parish. There are lots of requests. And besides, no one has told the group  “don’t” so we figure we’re good. There have been a lot of wonderful stories shared. I figure asking for forgiveness rather than permission fits here.

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