Thursday, November 13, 2014

So, now I know

I figured out why I was stalled on blocking the Saint Saens. I wasn’t confident there wasn’t a huge mistake. Yes, that last sentence had a double negative. Doubly upset is how I felt Tuesday evening.

 I went ahead and blocked the doily once. I figured I’d be blocking it 2 or 3 times. There’s a lot of negative space and different techniques. So, I really haven’t examined it closely. Well, closely enough. I knew the individual motifs for Round 2 were correct as was Round 1. I knew things got connected well as Round 2 was finished. I knew everything was correct enough to do Round 3. But, it wasn’t correct enough.

I joined one of the D motifs to the wrong point of an A motif.

Several factors stalled me Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning:
I needed to prepare for the Executive Committee meeting of the AGO chapter I serve.
I hate cutting out sections as that means patching in new tatting and hiding ends (like 6 ends)
The area with the mistake is all split rings. I hate unpicking split rings. Not even calling it retro tatting helps me to feel calm about it.
We needed to pay attention to the computer I use for Picotsnkeys tasks AND the computer I use to pay bills and keep track of our budget. Both are aging. As my daughter puts it, “that laptop is working because of duct tape, rubber bands, and spit.”
I just don’t have much patience left over trying to navigate the next 5 years of transition in my life.

All told, I didn’t spend a lot of mental energy on figuring out my next step until Wednesday morning. After mulling it over and thinking hard, I deduced that 30 DS needed to be got rid of. That’s how many DS are in 5 split rings in this part of the pattern. So, after I spent 4 hours with scissors and pointy things and magnifying glasses, I’ve gotten to the point I think I need to be to repair this effectively.

I woke up achy this morning after all that upset and work. I’m not sure I’ll have what it takes to correct it all today. I’d like to attend a Guild meeting at the Lace Museum and Rehearsal. We’ll see what I accomplish today. Regardless, by next post I’ll have it fixed and the doily blocked. Maybe I’ll even get it mounted. So, more then.


  1. The undoing is so exhausting. But, if you want it right...
    So sorry! Glad you are to the point of starting again. That will make it easier to pick up.

    1. Thanks for the kind encouragement. I did pick it up yesterday. I have a new section of thread added and 3 of the 5 split rings recreated. The last 2 will be hard, so I set it aside to go make music. Now to navigate hiding 4 ends and creating 12 DS in 2 rings. (Looking at myself in the mirror) I can do this!

  2. I can't see the mistake, but I can feel your trouble. Courage!! And pin it down well before blocking!

    1. The last 12 DS are finished. I've lost my circular blocking template. So, I think I'll head up to the store to buy a new one. It feels good to have corrected the mistake.