Thursday, October 10, 2013

Round 2 B Motif with rings

Just when I thought I had a clear path to the next part of the design, I stubbed my toe on this motif:

Round 2 B motif with connecting rings
I also quite literally stubbed my toe. Not on the foot I broke, my “good” foot. It wasn’t bad. It didn’t hurt. It did remind me to slow down and be more conscious of how I’m walking. I’m still wearing the athletic shoes each day. I’m not brave enough to start using different shoes until after the trip; more on that when I’m back at my desk.

Anyway, back to Saint-Saens. This motif needed some care in edging. I understood the need for evening out the edges so it would look nice assembled. I didn’t want to detract from the asymmetry of the motif. I think I came up with a good compromise.

No, I’m not going to jump and click my heals. I’ll leave that to those not recovering from bone avulsions. (I say that to myself to remind myself to be more conscious.)

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