Wednesday, October 30, 2013

hitting a milestone of Round 2 done

I think I’ve got things corrected. What a way to miss a deadline. I know folks have said the project shouldn’t get stressful. That’s the plan. But, mistakes like these do need to be corrected. Without the proper join, nothing would lay flat. The finished piece would look, well, awful. Here’s what my corrections came out like:

correction of added ring
correction of proper join
So, here’s Round 2 motifs finished and joined to Round 1.

Round 2 motifs connected to Round 1

The piece is not blocked yet, so there are places where things are squished and contorted. Blocking always helps that out. I want to wait until round 3 is finished before I block. Just in case the thread has sizing or something to keep it from picking up too much dirt. Hope, hope, hope....

Now there’s the question of what to mount it on in the frame. Any ideas???


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