Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ever have one of those days????

This week has been one fly in the ointment after another. Thank heavens my mobility is continuing to improve. I’ve enjoyed wearing “pretty” shoes the past few days. Some may not think they’re much to write home about, but I’m not wearing the same athletic shoe each day/all day. (The crowd roars!!!) 

Here’s the latest on the Saint-Saens, with apologies for the quality of photo:
Joining mistake in Round 2
You see the threads that lead to nowhere? They are what’s left after cutting out 3 rings of the connecting round. I discovered I’d joined incorrectly. Why not just leave it? Because the competed tatting would not lay flat after Round 3 AND everyone would see the mistake. Not just tatters, everyone! I’m still trying to correct that mistake.


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