Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What's coming up in 2019

I’ve been trying to focus my energies for 2019. Unsuccessfully. I’ve got just too, too many ideas!
Here’s a few:
Teach more people about the organ with a workshop/class on the physics used in organ building.
Play the organ more in different locations.
Teach more people to tat.
Create documentation of original patterns.
Create pieces for display/sale in galleries.
Oh, and keep up the snail’s pace of remodeling/restoring the house and property.
That’ll keep me busy! What are you thinking of tackling in 2019?


  1. I had tried to be focused in 2018 and reduce my backlog. I've actually managed to add to it!!! So there goes my attempt to plan 2019 - I'll continue to be a drifter ;-P

  2. I've decided to set my sights on keeping what's most important on the front burners. Now to find a large enough stove.....