Thursday, December 6, 2018


I had a heart to heart with myself again. It’s tempting just to express opinions while writing a blog. But, like all very personal communications, those posts don’t always represent what I intend. So, here’s my pledge: I promise to keep my posts helpful and positive as much as possible. Of course, that means I need to keep up posting, even when life is giving me lemons.

So, the topic for today: destructions

I laughed out loud when I read this post. That’s what we called the instructions/manuals that came with anything requiring assembly or a learning curve to use. My Dad was a gifted technician in all things electronic. He was a tech whisperer before the term was even thought up. He just re-engineered what didn’t work the way he thought it should. That left the rest of the household trying to figure out how to change the volume on the record player; unlocking the front door in a specific order of pulls, key rotations, pushes and key removal; and my personal favorite, Dad not using my brand new electronic typewriter because he wouldn’t read the instructions I unpacked. It also meant that we had a stack of computer programming cards to play with and construct our card houses out of; more money in the bank because Dad could fix or patch up anything; and conversations with people all over the world before chat rooms existed. In his view of the world, instruction manuals were for dummies.

So what have I been doing lately? Writing destructions for pattern ideas. That’s including learning a graphic program so that I can create diagrams to go along with the text. I find I execute a pattern better if I have both. I’ve given up creating good photographs. The brain just doesn’t see focus and light well enough and I spend way too much time taking and editing photos. That’s best left to those who have those skills.

I’m not nearly ready to share any of those destructions. In order to have a prayer of turning this idea of music as thread art into a reality, my designs are quite complicated and specific. If I do come up with something that I think others would enjoy tatting to use as gifts or enjoy creating their own riff, I’ll let you know here where you can find those destructions.

A long winded way to say, nothing to see here, pick up you needle or shuttle and tat. Well, and maybe find something to ammuse you and reduce your stress.

And oh by the way, the lemons are ripe. Anybody want to come pick some and help with the limoncello? You must be willing to taste test……


  1. Ha, ha, ha!!! So pleased to see that somebody reads my blog!! I’ve been writing down destructions for years but they usually work out in the end!! I can’t manage ‘just diagram’ patterns and avoid them totally. I think it’s cause I’m lazy and diagram only ones take time to work out!!! Anyway, good luck with your destructions and I look forward to seeing them.

    1. I do read your blog. And reccommend it to students all the time. I'd join in the BC# fun except I've been sternly informed that my brain only likes to be recognized as one entity in the whole! Must be what happens when you learn a musical instrument.....