Thursday, September 13, 2018

Card Band Bookmark

One of the fun things about entering the Fair is getting the word out about workshops and encouraging each other to learn. The Tablet/cardweaving workshop was fun and sparked quite a bit of happy weaving time for me.

 I entered a sample from the warp finished as a bookmark. Not perfect obviously. The judge wrote some good comments. 

I’ve already tweaked the current tablet project in response. I like it better!
Next week some dreaming up new projects!


  1. Good that you received useful feedback, that’s what competitions should be about.

  2. I usually don't think of the Fair as a competition. Maybe because there's not that much tatting entered. This year, I entered 6 items. 4 won 1st place. I thought the other items were just as lovely, but I didn't do the judging.