Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ornament for the Fair

What do you do with tatted bits that can’t be used? Well, find a use for them!

Sonata for Bach Festival
Remember this? 

While tatting Sonata, I missed a crucial join in the next to last round. The result? Get out the scissors. I discovered this when I was very close to finishing the last round, so what to do with that tatting?

Experiment with covering an ornament ball.

Handy Hands sells these, and I picked up some glass ones during a sale. 

The black looked very nice against the redish metallic looking glass.
I had a shuttle with a bit of green left from the Candle Cuff, so get out some bling thread and put it all together.

The judge liked it too!

Moral: Don’t bin any tatting…….