Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Crosby weather continues

Life has settled into a routine lately: A day or so of storm, a day or so of cleanup, a day or so of Spring Cleaning (yard and house). What I need right now is a day or so of tatting to finish off these designs! Soon….I hope.
Jane's TIAS 2017 Day 10
I have been tatting 

Oh, almost forgot to explain the title of this post! For many years, Bing Crosby hosted a golf event he called a Clambake. It still brings wonderful fun to our area. The best in Pro golfers come and play spectacular courses. Part of the event is a Pro-Am tournament that raises money for charities. Lately, Bill Murray has been entertaining all while making his way around the holes. Various sports celebrities also join in. The weather usually throws a bit in for the fun. The long-time residents call it Crosby weather. They will say with a wry grin that if it is going to rain and storm in February, it’ll be Clambake time.

This year is no exception. Rain, wind, and general chilliness are forecast. As I write this, the wind is howling, the rain is coming in sheets, and it’s just dank and cold. A good day to rest, tat, and sop up the water seeping into the basement.

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