Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm learning a lot

I understand that will keep me young. But, right now, my head feels like bursting, my muscles ache, and I have way too much on my plate. So, if you asked me to do something, and I’ve forgotten or muffed it, please remind me. Well, not that I muffed it, unless I haven’t clued in. I’m learning a lot.

The Blackwork is buried. We discovered the upstairs toilet has been leaking tiny amounts for quite some time. So, a trip to the store to pick up fresh seals, hours stripping paint off wet plaster, and shifting things so that they don’t get covered with the fine dust of “remodel” activities. Until things get repaired and re-shifted, no pictures.

Oh, and another storm is due later this week. My question: Will we end up in someone’s paper for a Science conference this summer? Too much to clean up, repair, and put away for me to write it! Guess I’d better get busy!

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