Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunshine can be ……distracting

The sun has been coming out more often the last few days. It’s hard to stay indoors and not get out in it. Thank goodness one can tat sitting on your porch! If you’re passing and see me, honk or shout out. I tend to get absorbed by the thread….and beads…and music….

The sunrise this morning was fabulous. I was reminded of a cool window I saw in an older home here. I managed to snap pictures of it and then forgot I had them! So, here they are:

And the nametag is ready for a chain…or something….

Now to settle the design for the Art Raffle…..


  1. Replies
    1. I'm open to suggestions. Perhaps Gina false tatted plait? Mmmmm And beads? Of what color?

  2. Love that window! It must be fabulous with the sun shining through it. Could you wear the name tag as a bracelet?

    1. I'm thinking I can back the nametag for stability and tat a lanyard to attach. I'm sure that will take me several months, so I've set aside a ribbon to use in the meantime.