Thursday, January 12, 2017

5 Year Anniversary

So, I’ve been doing this 5 years? Really?

I’m afraid I was slow on the uptake of give-aways to celebrate. I don’t use this blog to attract people to buy what I create. The music I give away is exclusively aural. The tatting I give away is usually gifts to individuals. In fact, most of my tatting falls into that category. Well, and my trials in new techniques and such. I wouldn’t call those good candidates for giving away to people who read my blog. Nor the trials of the designs I’m working on. The last time audit showed me with shuttles in hand maybe 10 hours each week. Not a lot of tatting time.

Anyway, 5 years ago I started down this rabbit-hole adventure. I’ve enjoyed it! I hope I’ve inspired some people to listen to more organ music, learn to tat, or get out into the world. I have discovered new passions (a historic house), revived others (weaving on a loom) and learned so much! I thank you for sharing this journey with me. If you have a moment and the inclination, please leave a comment telling me what this blog has meant to you. I won’t publish it if you put the request in the comment.

Thank you! And for the next 5 years………


  1. Big Congratulations !!! I enjoy reading your posts, though I do wish for more pics ;-D Your tatting & weaving is very inspiring, as is the description of your walks, etc. I would enjoy your organ music more if only I could understand what it all meant (so I'll stick to my own kind of music ;-P)
    I look forward to the next 5 years of your sharing :-)

    1. Thank you!I'm glad I've inspired. With the new scanner I should be adding more pictures. And most organ music doesn't mean a lot. Not like the wonderful music you have around you. I wish I understood more! That would make my life very rich indeed.

  2. 5 years is a lot of time! congratulations! thanks for sharing your original way to combine music and tatting. Music is beyond my understanding, but you transform it in tatting, that's amazing.

  3. Congratulations! I like to get glimpses into other people's lives.

  4. Thank you! That venue for glimpses into other people's lives is what I like best about blogging. I seldom feel like I have anything important, but how tatting and music enrich my life are worth sharing. If only to remind myself who I am ;)