Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring tasks

This spring I have a new task to balance. Normally, I take on the pleasure of spring garden tasks along with housework, tatting, and volunteering. The roses are in bloom now. All of the bushes made it through the winter. The climbing rose is actually doing better this spring than in other years.

My new task: watching the listings of new houses in our target area. Sometimes that means that I don’t get to tatting as my volunteering and housework and gardening take up the time left in the day. The good news is that if we decide to look at a house in person, it’s a couple of hours car ride. Time to tat!

I need to squeeze in a trip to the local plant supplier. We have 4 areas around our fountain that need plants. This is the only one to survive this winter. I’d like to replant with the same plant.
plants around fountain
But, I have no record of what this one is called as I didn’t expect it to do well. It did, so now I’m on the hunt!


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