Friday, January 25, 2013

looking for Leo

Yesterday’s afternoon was spent immersing myself in Leo Sowerby’s Passacaglia for organ. Well, as much as I could. I have the recording. I found that on Sunday. I know I own a copy of the score. But, most of my energy was spent in search of the elusive music. I have no idea where the book is. I play other pieces from it, so it’s possible that I left it somewhere I played as a substitute. I just don’t remember playing any of the pieces in the book and there’s no note that I loaned it to someone. (I’m careful about that as I don’t mind loaning out my music. And most everyone is as forgetful as I am, so I make notes so that I can let someone know who has my copy.)

I did discover something during a break from tearing apart my stacks/boxes of music: I forgot a picot on day 4 of the TIAS 2013. I only went looking as several others mentioned they noticed they had forgotten the picot. Since it’s a VSP (very small picot) I was able to squeegle enough thread out of the surrounding DS to give myself a loop.

I still have some good ideas for a pattern based on the organ piece. You see, a Passacaglia is a piece that repeats a theme. Good fodder for tatting. And Sowerby’s harmonic language is not completely random. Good fodder for tatting. Not only does he use the same key center throughout, he also uses a constant rhythmic drive. Good fodder for tatting. It may very well take me until next summer to finish the design. Sigh.

In the meantime, I get to look for my score and listen to the music a few more times.

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