Thursday, January 17, 2013

another class

I enjoyed teaching last night. My 2 students are experienced in sewing, knitting, crochet, and all things thread. I marvel at how quickly the students gain the concept of the DS with the waist band and legs; how quickly they can execute a weaver’s knot to understand the pop of a knot transferring from one thread to another. It’s amazing how much they enjoy twirling the noise maker when we confirm they got the flip!! I enjoy it all!!

In case you’re wondering what method I teach, I let the student take the lead. If they innately pinch with their thumb and middle finger, I fly with that. If they innately pinch with their thumb and second finger, I fly with that. If they feed the shuttle through like a needle, we fly with that and wrap the shuttle thread around similar to the reverse riego. If they wrap their brain around the slip and slide, we fly with that. You’d think there were lots of wings flapping in my classroom, but, no…..just the mantra, “The knot doesn’t care how you make it, just that you tat!” And lots of noise you might hear only on New Year’s. How sad to only hear it once a year! It’s such a joyous sound. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only bleak spot in the evening was the realization that the store has sold all the better Lizbeth thread and all copies of Learn To Tat and so we’re reduced to the 3 ply crochet cotton that raises blood pressure and the patterns that I hand out in class. Thank heaven we have great resources on-line!! Thank you to all who share on websites and blogs!

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