Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hair Bun Holders

I’ve begun wearing my hair in a bun again. Muskaan and Winkerbill both have tatted up something to use and gift to others. The pattern is very, very simple. I like to add a covered elastic like they sell for ponytails. Just tat over it while completing the final round. What I also like to do to dress it up is add beads!

I do love to wear the tatting. I’ve decided though that I need to tat a bun holder with pearls. I’ve never been much for sparkle, preferring the soft glow of the pearls. That means a trip to the store to buy more (pearls) beads!

1 comment:

  1. I love pearls, too!!! But I can't add beads to my snoods coz I wear them to sleep as well. I may not be the princess disturbed by that pea, but imagine multiple beads in the hair 😁😁😄😄
    For my latest bun holder, I intend to work in that elastic as well.