Thursday, November 5, 2015

Leno (leeno or lehno?)

Lace in weaving. Lace on weaving. Weaving in lace. Mmmmmmmmm
One section of the sampler we’re to work on in the workshop next week is a technique called leno. (in all the pronunciations you know) It’s a little lacy as weaving goes. I’d never done finger manipulated warps before, so I decided I’d better at least fumble my way through a bit on this trial warp. The gist of the technique is to twist warp threads, lay a pick, and beat lightly. Sounded yummy. I think it looks quite nice. I could see curtains using this technique hanging to either side of the front door.
far left set is 3 threads twisted, the center 1 thread and the far right set 2 threads
It’s about as fiddly as a Lark’s Head Picot Join. Perhaps after the Holidays, say in February I’ll revisit this idea.
Mmmmm.  There was still a yard or so of warp. I was musing on that as I sat in my tatting chair. Now, one thing about moving with pets. The “rules” change. The cats began using the upholstered arms of the chair as a scratching post. “Out of sight, out of claws” works, so I just threw an old towel over them. Not a permanent solution, but everybody was calmer.
The next time I passed the loom, I thought, maybe I could do a diamond pattern of leno in the midst of plain weave. And an idea was hatched.
cover for arm
I also wanted to brush up on hemstitching. I like tatted edgings on hemstitched fabric. So, if I’m going to weave and tat together, I wanted to hemstitch also. Turned out quite nice.

On to the next warp.


  1. Beautiful weaving !!!
    Leno (as I have just learnt from this post) is used along saree edges - the pure handloom sarees ! Didn't know that's how it was done. And on lightweight towels, too.
    Love your chair arm cover.
    And to think you have just learned this ! Superb !!

  2. I didn't know that about Sari's. Wow! That would be intricate! Come to think of it....Beaurtiful! And I have some silk just waiting for a project.....
    But, I must finish the to-do list first!!!!