Thursday, October 8, 2015

Remember the angel

Remember the angel requested for shawls by the group at St. Andrew’s?

Well, I finished trial #5. It’s still not quite right. I’ve been approaching the design properly. There are just so many factors. I’m trying to create a “fabric” with multiple straight of grain. Or so I’m thinkin’ now.

You see, in preparing for the Double Weave workshop in November, I’ve been puzzling through the structure of fabric. That opened the door to looking at the skirt of the angel pattern a little differently and low and behold, I realized how complicated the execution of my idea will be. Funny how that happens!

So, I dug out my “book” on alterations. The sewing notes that I absconded with from my Mother’s library eons ago. We share the same build type. And we altered many a pattern to fit that build. Mixed in among the specific notes are reminders of “rules” to follow. That’s what I was looking for. Low and behold, when you have a flared skirt that needs adjusting, you have to work with the straight of grain to maintain the drape. Duh!

Since the printer/scanner wasn’t scanning, I have no picture to share prior to the snipping I did yesterday. I do have a working scanner today, so if I repair the swirl section, you’ll see a scan soon. I know the s word…soon……

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