Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saint Saens joins gone bad

Well, my adventures with the joins of this round continue. This version in blue thread had me stumped for how to join. Yes, I know, I wrestled with the white version at this point also. You see, the music doesn’t really bridge from one section to another here, but the sections are quite different. Thus, I wanted to design small motifs that were not alike and yet alike. But, how to connect them gracefully? Hmmmm. Because, well, the music is graceful in this movement; powerful, yet graceful.

I thought I had come up with a good pattern. In the dark thread, the connecting rings should disappear against a black cloth. The beads and such will still stand out. So, I’m pleased. Except when I try to execute and end up with this:

Saint Saens with a bad join
Not seeing anything odd? Don’t feel bad. It’s the small stuff here:

detail showing blue "blips"
Still not seeing it? Don’t feel bad. It’s only the one join between the two smaller parts. I twisted the one as I made my join. The one on the left should look more like this:

detail without blue "blips"
I’ll let you know how my attempt to cut out just that one little bitty knot for the lock join and fix it works.

Oh, a friend thinks at this point it looks like Mickey Mouse. What do they know?

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